Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church

A series about the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church: its origins, characters, causes, and reforms. Host Karna Lozoya interviews bishops, survivors, reporters, lawyers, social workers, and many more, to help navigate a systemic problem that has plagued the modern church for at least 70 years.



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‘The Ark and The Dove’ podcast
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Stephen White on The Pillar podcast
Stephen White appeared on The Pillar podcast on October 4, 2021. He spoke about our work at The Catholic Project, starting around the 5 minute mark!
Crisis Podcast Wins Award
The Catholic Project’s podcast, Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church, has received second place in the Catholic Media Association’s Gabriel Awards for 2021. This is a good opportunity to… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 1: 2018 Show Notes
2018 A whirlwind summer: What happened? Revelations about Cardinal McCarrick, the Pennsylvania grand jury report, accusations from a Vatican diplomat, and the perceived tensions between the Holy See and the… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 2: How Did We Get Here? Show Notes
Pope Paul VI and Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P. Sexual abuse by clergy of the Catholic Church is not a new problem. “How Did We Get Here?” looks at the early… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 3: What Caused the Crisis? Show Notes
How did the Catholic Church become a place where abusers could hide? Were men who were prone to abuse drawn to the priesthood? Crisis considers theories about the root causes… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 4: Survivors' Voices
When the crisis of 2018 hit, many men and women were already dealing with trauma from their own experiences of abuse. James Grein and Teresa Pitt Green share their stories,… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 5: What is the Church Doing to Keep Kids Safe?
Are kids safe in the Church today? This episode explores the changes of the 2002 Dallas Charter and what can still be improved, with Courtney Chase of the Archdiocese of… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 6: What happens when abuse is reported?
In this episode, Karna Lozoya walks listeners through the process that a clergy abuse survivor would go through today, talking with Susan Mulheron, Canonical Chancellor for the Archdiocese of St.… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 7: The Role of the Laity
The vast majority of Catholics are lay people; living out their mission as Christians in the world. How did the laity respond to the abuse crisis? How can the laity… Read More
Crisis Podcast Episode 8: What the Crisis Means for Priests
Since 2002, being a priest has lost much of its public respect and stature. How have priests experienced the ongoing crisis? And how has seminary formation changed in view of… Read More