Catholic Church Reform

The Way Forward

Healing the Breach of Trust

This fourth installment of the Healing the Breach of Trust conference at Catholic University focused on the future of the Catholic Church.

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Church Management

The Master of Science in Ecclesial Administration and Management at the Busch School of Business is a one-year online program in management, accounting, finance, planning, and decision-making, that keeps spiritual goods firmly in view. The program’s goal is for its graduates more effectively to imitate the Master who “came not to be served but to serve” (Mt 20:28)

The Global Institute of Church Management seeks to "maintain and operate educational programs for lay, clerics, and religious employed by or working in Catholic entities such as parishes, dioceses, schools, hospitals and other ministries of the Catholic Church to advance, through both research and education programs, best management practices in Church institutions so that they may exemplarily reflect the Catholic Church’s moral and social teachings, including business ethics and morality in general."

Leadership Roundtable "promotes best practices and accountability in the management, finances, communications, and human resources development of the Catholic Church in the U.S., including greater incorporation of the expertise of the laity."

Parish Renewal

Amazing Parish seeks to "build an effective leadership team and improve the organizational health of your parish."

RENEW International is a small group- based parish program meant to bring its participants closer to Christ.

Renewal Ministries, "seeks to foster growth in holiness and evangelization with the power of the Holy Spirit."

Church Leadership Development

The Busch School's Master of Science in Ecclesial Administration and Management will be offering training for new pastors in 2022. For more information, please contact the program's director, Christopher Blum (

Catholic Leadership Institute provides training, formation, and consultation services to leaders in the Catholic Church, "strengthen their confidence and competence in ministry, enabling them to articulate a vision for their local church, to call forth the gifts of those they lead, and to create more vibrant faith communities rooted in Jesus Christ."

Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life from Georgetown University seeks, "promote civil and substantive dialogue on Catholic social thought and national and global issues; build bridges across political, religious, and ideological lines; and encourage a new generation of Catholic lay leaders to see their faith as an asset in pursuing the common good."

McGrath Institute for Church Life from the University of Notre Dame, "partners with Catholic dioceses, parishes, and schools to address pastoral challenges with theological depth and rigor. By connecting the Catholic intellectual life to the life of the Church, we form faithful Catholic leaders for service to the Church and the world."