The Catholic Project is an initiative of The Catholic University of America, so everything we do reflects the particular mission of our university.

The work of The Catholic Project runs the gamut: from conferences, research, and developing educational resources, to bringing attention to the needs and perspectives of survivors, to promoting principles and best practices for preventing future crises.

All of this work falls into three basic categories: Education, Research, and Events and Media.


Fostering education and formation is central to our mission.



We support research initiatives that deepen our understanding.


Events and Media

Our events promote collaboration and genuine dialogue.


Why the Catholic University of America?

The Catholic University of America holds a unique place in the American Catholic landscape. It is the official university of the Catholic Church in the United States. Priests and bishops from around the world have studied at Catholic University since its founding in 1887. Catholic University is also home to a combination of faculties found nowhere else in the country, including: The School of Canon Law, the National Catholic School of social Service, the School of Theological and Religious Studies, the Busch School of Business, and the Columbus School of Law. So, when the current wave of the abuse crisis broke in the summer of 2018—with its epicenter in Washington, D.C.—President John Garvey decided it was fitting that The Catholic University of America should marshal its distinctive resources in a concerted response, for the good of the whole Church.

Meet The Team

Experts and professionals from across the University are collaborating on The Catholic Project.

John Garvey

President of The Catholic University of America

Stephen P. White

Executive Director, The Catholic Project

Karna Lozoya

Executive Director, University Communications

Sara Perla

Manager of Communications, The Catholic Project


**  For media inquiries, please contact perla@cua.edu

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