Crisis Podcast Episode 3: What Caused the Crisis? Show Notes

How did the Catholic Church become a place where abusers could hide? Were men who were prone to abuse drawn to the priesthood? Crisis considers theories about the root causes with Margaret Smith, Msgr. Steven Rossetti, Chad Pecknold, and Susan Timoney, among others. This is a Catholic podcast from Catholic University.

Participant List (in alphabetical order):

Resources or References in the Podcast:

  • Texas Monthly piece about Fr. Rudy Kos: “Fathers and Sins”
  • The two John Jay reports:
  • A list of Jason Berry’s books on Amazon
  • The New York Times article, “‘It is Not a Closet. It is a Cage: Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out” by Elizabeth Dias
  • The Washington Post article, “The Catholic Church is enabling the sex abuse crisis by forcing gay priests to stay in the closet by Robert Mickens
  • The Royal Commission on Child Abuse (in Australia) study: “The role of organisational culture in child sexual abuse in institutional contexts”
  • Rev. Carter Griffin’s book Why Celibacy? Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest