Pope accepts resignation of Bishop Bransfield (CNA)

By Hannah Brockhaus- On September 13, 2018, Pope Francis immediately accepted the resignation of Bishop Michael Bransfield of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston on his 75th birthday. At the same time,… Read More

Some Action – Maybe – Starts Today

Stephen White of Catholic University notes the USCCB delegation’s visit to Pope Francis on September 13, 2018. “In the coming weeks and months, this space will be dedicated to just… Read More

New allegations surface regarding [Cardinal] McCarrick and Newark priests (CNA)

By Ed Condon- A breaking news article reporting that [Cardinal] McCarrick had made sexual advances toward multiple seminarians during his tenures in Metuchen and Newark. Seven priests spoke with CNA… Read More

Victims recount sexual abuse horrors in Chilean seminary (Crux)

By Inés San Martín- This investigative piece by Ines San Martin contains first-person accounts of abuse from four former seminarians of Valparaiso and is based also on hard evidence of… Read More

Man Says Cardinal McCarrick, His ‘Uncle Ted,’ Sexually Abused Him for Years (New York Times)

By Sharon Otterman- The devastating news piece that exposed Cardinal McCarrick’s abuse of a boy he had baptized. This followed the June 20 news that there was a “credible and… Read More

Cardinal McCarrick, seminarians and abuse: how could this happen? (America Magazine)

By Father James Martin, S.J.- A three-part theory about how the McCarrick situation could happen. Martin looks at the reasons a young man in the seminary may have for staying… Read More

The Scandal of Cardinal McCarrick and Why No Major Media Outed Him (Get Religion)

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Church: Cardinal McCarrick is a Molester (The American Conservative)

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Vatican envoy in Chile says up to Pope to release sex abuse report (Reuters)

By Aislinn Laing and Dave Sherwood- This short piece covers Archbishop Scicluna’s final 2,300-page report to the pope regarding the situation in Chile. Scicluna says that it is up to… Read More

The Strange Clericalism of Women’s Ordination

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on how the demand for women’s ordination is a misunderstanding of the nature of vocation and even seems to call into question the universal… Read More