On Unity in the Church

Stephen White of Catholic University writes on what the “oneness” of the Catholic Church consists of. “The credibility of the Church’s witness is diminished when unity is lacking, not just… Read More

God Forbid

Sara Perla of Catholic University writes on the strange refusal of some Christians to accept suffering. “None of us can know what may be asked of anyone else by God,… Read More

The Gospel in Lent

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the content of the Gospel message in the midst of controversy and in the season of Lent: “What Pope Francis perhaps did not… Read More

The glory of confession

I imagine that most seven-year-old’s confessions are about the same: being mean to one’s sibling; disobeying one’s parents; being greedy at the store; stealing one’s brother’s gum balls out of… Read More

Looking Forward to Lent

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on Lent, suggesting two practices focused on Scripture: “Most Catholics encounter Scripture in the Mass. But rarely do we read an entire Gospel as… Read More

Want your kids to stay in the Church? Take them to the beach

Sara Perla from Catholic University wrote a piece for OSV for parents who are anxious about their children’s faith lives: “Time after time when I asked students to tell me… Read More

Vocational Discernment and the Priestly Vocation Crisis

Stephen White of Catholic University writes on vocational discernment and the priestly vocation crisis. “It’s time to stop thinking about a crisis of priestly vocations as if it was separable… Read More

Tragical Sexual Comedy

If you have ever been to a stand-up comedy show, you know that comics tend to be something of a mess. Comedy is, for many of these people, a way… Read More

Are younger Catholic priests growing more conservative?

A question posed by both our own data and that of the Austin Institute was addressed in this piece at OSV. A snippet of the interview with Executive Director, Stephen… Read More

Apples and Oranges – and Abuse

Stephen White of Catholic University compares and contrasts the 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury report on clergy abuse to the recent report of the Office of the Inspector General for the… Read More

Vocational Mortality Review

Many hospitals regularly engage in something called a clinical mortality review (also called morbidity & mortality rounds or “M&M” conferences). These meetings are used to try to understand if a… Read More

The Old and the New

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the reality of bishops emeritus; what does it mean to be a retired bishop? “What does it mean for a father to ‘retire’?… Read More