The Long Year (Clerical Sex Abuse)

Stephen reviews the timeline of the 2018 clerical sex abuse crisis one year after the revelations about McCarrick. “A year on, we still don’t know what the investigations into McCarrick… Read More

Unfinished Business

In the midst of the clerical abuse crisis, Stephen looks at expectations regarding the June 2019 USCCB General Assembly. “The American bishops could go a long way toward making up… Read More

As Pope Francis hosts summit on abuse, a N.J. priest speaks publicly about how McCarrick allegedly ruined his life (Washington Post)

By Michelle Boorstein- The account of a priest, previously silent, who was abused by McCarrick. Rev. Lauro Sedlmayer says that he told three bishops about the abuse, but nothing was… Read More

McCarrick Abuse Trial: A CNA Timeline

By Michelle La Rosa- A handy reference timeline chronicling the canonical process that ended in McCarrick’s laicization. It covers June 20, the announcement from the Archdiocese of New York to… Read More

The Case of Theodore McCarrick: A Failure of Fraternal Correction (Commonweal)

By Boniface Ramsey- A priest who heard many rumors of McCarrick’s behavior while working at a seminary, Fr. Ramsey wrote to the nuncio (Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo) in 2000 to report… Read More

Mr. McCarrick’s Mess

Stephen looks at the impending laicization of Ted McCarrick. “In one sense, laicization would bring McCarrick’s part in the saga of the clerical sex-abuse crisis in the Catholic Church to… Read More

Wuerl Misread the Crisis; Pope Francis Need Not

Stephen reflects on how some prelates seemed to think that the 2018 crisis was about historic sexual abuse, rather than current mistrust in the honesty and accountability of bishops. “The… Read More

Double Lives: The Peril of Clerical Hypocrisy (Commonweal)

By Kenneth L. Woodward- In this piece, Woodward argues that McCarrick’s unmasking is more significant than the PA Grand Jury report in part because it brings the issue of homosexually… Read More

Ask and You Shall Receive?

Stephen reflects on the seeming failure of the USCCB delegation’s visit to Pope Francis. “Rome seems to have little sense of how demoralizing it is for Catholics who, already twice-betrayed… Read More

Catholic crisis thinkers: What details change, when looking from the left and then the right? (Get Religion)

By Terry Mattingly- In this piece, Mattingly suggests that the word to watch for in coverage of the 2018 crisis is “seminaries.” He points out that in some of the coverage,… Read More

New allegations surface regarding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark priests (CNA)

By Ed Condon- A breaking news article reporting that McCarrick had made sexual advances toward multiple seminarians during his tenures in Metuchen and Newark. Seven priests spoke with CNA about… Read More

Man Says Cardinal McCarrick, His ‘Uncle Ted,’ Sexually Abused Him for Years (New York Times)

By Sharon Otterman- The devastating news piece that exposed McCarrick’s abuse of a boy he had baptized. This followed the June 20 news that there was a “credible and substantiated” claim… Read More