Interview with Paulina Guzik, Polish Journalist and Professor

Our visiting scholar, Paulina Guzik, is an award-winning journalist and a professor at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. Please introduce yourself and the project you are… Read More

What’s Done in Darkness Will Come to Light

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the controversy surrounding the revelations that Msgr. Burrill, former General Secretary of the USCCB, was using a “hook-up” app while handling the sexual… Read More

Healing The Breach of Trust: Catholic Media

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Many U.S. Catholics Question Their Membership Amid Scandal (Gallup)

Jeffrey M. Jones- As the Catholic church responds to more allegations of sexual abuse of young people by priests, an increasing percentage of Catholics are re-examining their commitment to the… Read More

Jesuits sent abusive priests to retire on Gonzaga’s campus (Associated Press)

By Emily Schwing, Aaron Sankin, and Michael Corey- This investigative report about Jesuit abuse uncovered that the leadership of the Jesuits in the Oregon province had a longstanding pattern of… Read More

Healing the Breach of Trust: Role of the Media

At Catholic University, the Healing the Breach of Trust series begins with a panel discussion on the role of the media in investigating, reporting, and framing our understanding of the… Read More

The Scandal of Cardinal McCarrick and Why No Major Media Outed Him (Get Religion)

By Julia Duin- Duin details her investigative work dating from 2008 on the Cardinal McCarrick story. She claims that for years, religion reporters were aware of the story but unable… Read More