Eucharistic Revival

Some Hopeful, Tentative, New Year Predictions

Stephen White of Catholic University makes predictions about 2024 in the Church and the U.S.: “For all this, January is also a good time for prognostications. Now is as good… Read More

How to Start a Revival

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on how true religious revivals– events that change hearts– take place. “The Eucharistic Congress–the event itself–is not the endpoint of the Eucharistic Revival. Rather,… Read More

Actions Louder than Words

Sara Perla of Catholic University wrote a piece for OSV on evangelization, where actions speak louder than words. “There is something incommunicable about God’s work in the human heart. I… Read More

Our Shared Point of Reference

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the Eucharist as the only sure foundation of unity in the Church: “If the Church is in need of unity, turn to the… Read More

The Eucharistic Revival and the Art of Gathering: Part 2

This is the second part of my little series on the National Eucharistic Revival and Priya Parker’s book, The Art of Gathering. Last time, I applied Parker’s first three points… Read More