sexual abuse

A Long Way to Go

Stephen P. White of Catholic University writes five years after the 2019 summit in Rome on clergy abuse: “Surveying these three cases – Barros, Zanchetta, and Rupnik – raises concerns… Read More

The Rupnik Case: How is this still happening?

Stephen P. White of Catholic University reflects on the case of Marko Rupnik, SJ and asks how it is that the Church is still handling abuse cases in this way:… Read More

Takeaways from the Maryland Attorney General’s Report

Stephen White of Catholic University writes about the Maryland Attorney General’s report on clergy abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. “The Maryland report is not something to celebrate. It contains… Read More

An up-close look at the state of our priests

For Our Sunday Visitor this month, Catholic University’s Stephen White wrote a summary and reflections on the clergy abuse crisis, the Church’s response, and how it has affected priests. “Of… Read More

Benedict’s Mea Culpa

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the letter of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI regarding the allegations that he mishandled clergy sexual abuse when he was the Archbishop of Munich.… Read More

Restoring Trust after the Abuse Crisis

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the hard steps we need to take as a Church to regain trust and credibility: “The fallout from the abuse crisis will be… Read More

Producing the Podcast Crisis as a Catholic

This piece includes discussion of sexual abuse and suicide. Jay Lemberger is the victim who stays with me. He died by suicide before the priest who abused him was brought… Read More

Faith and Flourishing in the Face of Childhood Sexual Abuse 

The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, The Harvard Divinity School, and The Catholic Project at The Catholic University of America present the inaugural, ionternational, interdisciplinary Symposium,… Read More

Trauma and Taboo

Stephen White of Catholic University looks at how the Church is often better equipped to help sinner than those who are wounded by the sin. “We have a whole sacrament… Read More

Abuse on the Margins

In the ongoing clerical sexual abuse scandal, Stephen White of Catholic University examines the heartbreaking stories of children from already-marginalized communities who were abused. Some of these families were offered… Read More

Pray for Poland

Stephen White of Catholic University examines the revelations of sexual abuse by clergy in Poland. “My sense is that the Church in Poland is much closer to the beginning of… Read More

Analysis: What’s next for Cardinal Pell? (CNA)

By Ed Condon- This is an analysis of Cardinal Pell’s conviction of five counts of sexual abuse of minors and subsequent sentencing to six years in prison. Pell has maintained… Read More