A Francis (George) Generation?

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Vocational Discernment and the Priestly Vocation Crisis

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Are younger Catholic priests growing more conservative?

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Vocational Mortality Review

Many hospitals regularly engage in something called a clinical mortality review (also called morbidity & mortality rounds or “M&M” conferences). These meetings are used to try to understand if a… Read More

Human Formation & the Crisis of Trust

In 1990, 238 synod fathers met in Rome for the 8th Ordinary General Synod on “The Formation of Priests in Circumstances of the Present Day.” They presented Pope John Paul… Read More

Baby Step: Phone Calls

Today I continue the series I promised last time: baby steps toward increased trust between bishops and priests. Today’s step is phone calls—both from the bishop to priests and priests’… Read More

A National Study of Catholic Priests

Stephen White of Catholic University writes about the highlights from the National Study of Catholic Priests that was released on October 19, 2022. “For decades, there have been warning signs… Read More

How is the Church governed?

A question that keeps coming up for me regarding the synod on synodality is, “What do you mean by X?” X could be lay participation; women’s decision-making; hierarchical ministry; governance;… Read More

Crisis Podcast Episode 8: What the Crisis Means for Priests

Since 2002, being a priest has lost much of its public respect and stature. How have priests experienced the ongoing crisis? And how has seminary formation changed in view of… Read More

False Allegations are Rare – And Real

Sometimes clergy are falsely accused. Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the duty to assess the credibility of an abuse claim, and sometimes the difficulties in doing so. “Perhaps… Read More

A Changing Church

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Shepherds of a Wounded Flock

Stephen White at Catholic University considers the experience of U.S. priests during the clergy abuse crisis. “For many of the priests I’ve spoken to, the last year has been a… Read More