Pope Francis

A Long Way to Go

Stephen P. White of Catholic University writes five years after the 2019 summit in Rome on clergy abuse: “Surveying these three cases – Barros, Zanchetta, and Rupnik – raises concerns… Read More

Pope Francis and Care for Creation

Stephen P. White of Catholic University reflects on the new apostolic exhortation from Pope Francis, entitled Laudate Deum: “The unique spiritual and theological insights of Laudato Si are mentioned, but briefly… Read More

Does the Shoe Fit?

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on recent comments of the Holy Father and the responses from American Catholics: “Few American Catholics are interested in a return to the pre-Conciliar… Read More

The Pope’s Peculiar Take on the Council – and America

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on Pope Francis’s statements about Americans supposedly rejecting the Second Vatican Council: “I mention all of this not only to suggest that Americans ought… Read More

Transparency is Pastoral

Stephen White of Catholic University writes about the case of the Argentinian bishop, Gustavo Zanchetta, who was recently sentenced to prison for the sexual abuse of young men. “The Zanchetta… Read More

Who Benefits from the Status Quo?

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the recent reports from the meeting of Pope Francis and President Biden, in which the president claims the pope told him that Biden… Read More

The Bishops Stand – In Their Own Way – With Peter

Stephen White of Catholic University looks at the debate over the word “pre-eminent” during the General Assembly in November 2019 and how some of the tensions in the American episcopacy… Read More

Pope Francis Writes Letter to Priests

To mark the 160th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, Pope Francis wrote a letter to all the priests of the world, encouraging them in their vocation and… Read More

Time Will Tell

Stephen White of Catholic University reacts to reports that Pope Francis is drawing up a document to govern what happens when a bishop is accused of abuse or of negligence… Read More

N.J. priest speaks publicly about how [Cardinal] McCarrick allegedly ruined his life

In The Washington Post, by Michelle Boorstein- The account of a priest, previously silent, who was abused by McCarrick. Rev. Lauro Sedlmayer says that he told three bishops about the… Read More

What the Bishop Zanchetta case tells us about Church leadership (Catholic World Report)

Christopher R. Altieri- This is a summary of the Zanchetta case right after the former vicar general, Father Juan José Manzano, came forward to say that the Vatican received information… Read More

Pope Warns U.S. Bishops Against Disunity Over Sex Abuse (Wall Street Journal)

By Francis X. Rocca- Pope Francis sent a letter to the U.S. Bishops as they began their retreat at Mundelein; it focused on the evils of disunity. Rocca writes that… Read More