Go, and Die for your People

Stephen White, director of The Catholic Project at Catholic University, writes about the recent news about Bishop Hoeppner of Crookston, MN and former auxiliary Bishop Binzer of Cincinnati: “The Church… Read More

Bishops’ Statements on the (Cardinal) McCarrick Report

As of this writing, 44 US Bishops have responded to the Vatican’s release of the “McCarrick Report,” about the institutional knowledge of former Cardinal McCarrick’s abuse. The following is a… Read More

Crisis Podcast Episode 10: Bishops’ Accountability

This Catholic podcast series from Catholic University keeps coming back to the question of bishops’ accountability. Are the reforms of Vos estis lux mundi being applied in the US Church?… Read More

A Changing Church

Stephen White of Catholic University looks at the high number of priests who are responding, “No, thank you” to the call to become a bishop. “Many of our bishops find… Read More

Shepherds of a Wounded Flock

Stephen White at Catholic University considers the experience of U.S. priests during the clergy abuse crisis. “For many of the priests I’ve spoken to, the last year has been a… Read More

U.S. bishops dialogue with abuse survivors in first-of-its-kind gathering

Katie Scott (Catholic Sentinel)- A conference in D.C. brings together clergy abuse survivors and prelates, including Cardinal Sean O’Malley, to speak frankly “as a family where there’s been dysfunction.” Read… Read More

Missouri bishop urges broader approach to help survivors, parishes heal

By Rhina Guidos (CNS)- Bishop Shawn McKnight of Jefferson City, MO participated in a national event that brought together more than 12 bishops, including him, and a small group of… Read More

Time Will Tell

Stephen White of Catholic University reacts to reports that Pope Francis is drawing up a document to govern what happens when a bishop is accused of abuse or of negligence… Read More

[Cardinal] Wuerl Misread the Crisis; Pope Francis Need Not

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on how some prelates seemed to think that the 2018 crisis was about historic sexual abuse, rather than current mistrust in the honesty and… Read More

Piecemeal but Concrete Beginnings of Reform

Stephen White of Catholic University writes about the Holy Father’s acceptance of the resignation of auxiliary Bishop Salazar after alleged “misconduct with a minor.” “The Salazar case is a textbook… Read More

Miters and Millstones

Stephen White of Catholic University writes on the vocation of the priesthood, in view of the crisis and the November 2018 General Assembly. “Let’s hope and pray that the bishops… Read More

To the Bishops, before their General Assembly (First Things)

By Jayd Henricks- The former executive director of government relations at the USCCB writes to the bishops on the eve of their meeting in Baltimore. He writes from personal observation… Read More