Crisis Episode 6: What happens when abuse is reported?

In this episode, Karna walks listeners through the process that a clergy abuse survivor would go through today, talking with Susan Mulheron, Canonical Chancellor for the Archdiocese of St. Paul-… Read More

Crisis Episode 7: The Role of the Laity

The vast majority of Catholics are lay people; living out their mission as Christians in the world. How did the laity respond to the abuse crisis? How can the laity… Read More

Crisis Episode 8: What the Crisis Means for Priests

Since 2002, being a priest has lost much of its public respect and stature. How have priests experienced the ongoing crisis? And how has seminary formation changed in view of… Read More

Crisis Episode 9: The Stories We Tell

The story of clergy sex abuse is a hard one to tell. Catholics face the difficult task of incorporating what has happened into their understanding of the Church that they… Read More

Bonus Content: The Survivors’ Movement

A short bit of extra content about the clergy abuse survivors’ movement: the history of LinkUp and SNAP along with the mission and current work of SNAP, with Brian Clites… Read More

Coming Soon…

Stephen White explains the upcoming podcast on clergy sex abuse (Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church) that releases its first episode on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. “The idea behind… Read More

VAC Interview: Thomas Tharayil, Archdiocese of Chicago

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Growing up in an Indian family steeped in Catholicism and being educated in only Catholic schools, I have always thought it ironic… Read More

What Won’t We Tolerate?

Stephen White reflects on the ways that American Catholics– whether on the right or the left– have come to tolerate certain evils when it comes to the presidential election: “Politicians… Read More

Introducing Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church

Introducing The Catholic Project’s podcast, Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church. Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church is a podcast that tells the story of the clergy sexual abuse… Read More

Waiting for the McCarrick Report

The most recent iteration of the clergy sex abuse crisis, centered on former Cardinal McCarrick, remains an open wound in the Church in part because of the delay of the… Read More

Victim Assistance Coordinator Interview: Jenny Michaelson

 Jenny Michaelson Victim Assistance Corrdinator in the Archdiocese of Anchorage – Juneau Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you have a family? What did you study? How… Read More

A Different Kind of Transparency

Stephen White looks at the newly-released vademecum from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It has been described by the CDF as a manual for bishops to address… Read More