French cardinal to resign after conviction for failing to report abuse (CNA)

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, was convicted on March 7, 2019 of failing to report allegations of sexual abuse to the proper authorities. His sentence of six months imprisonment… Read More

The Stakes are being Raised

Stephen White of Catholic University assesses the Vatican’s February 2019 meeting on sexual abuse and the gaps that remain. “Last week’s summit in Rome did not address the problem of… Read More

N.J. priest speaks publicly about how [Cardinal] McCarrick allegedly ruined his life

In The Washington Post, by Michelle Boorstein- The account of a priest, previously silent, who was abused by McCarrick. Rev. Lauro Sedlmayer says that he told three bishops about the… Read More

Obstinate Misdiagnosis (First Things)

By Mary Rice Hasson- The leader of the Catholic Women’s Forum writes on the mistake she perceives of the Vatican’s focusing on a class of victims (minors) rather than the… Read More

Catholic University President on bishops’ accountability

By John Garvey- Catholic University President John Garvey weighs in on the complications surrounding lay review boards for bishops. He notes that the lay faithful largely do not trust their… Read More

Celibacy: The Answer, Not the Problem (First Things)

By Rev. Carter Griffin- This essay, from a priest engaged in the formation of men for the priesthood, explains the importance of defining the current problems clearly, rather than scapegoating… Read More

McCarrick Abuse Trial: A CNA Timeline

By Michelle La Rosa- A handy reference timeline chronicling the canonical process that ended in McCarrick’s laicization. It covers June 20, the announcement from the Archdiocese of New York to… Read More

The Case of [Cardinal] McCarrick: A Failure of Fraternal Correction

In Commonweal, by Boniface Ramsey- A priest who heard many rumors of [Cardinal] McCarrick’s behavior while working at a seminary, Fr. Ramsey wrote to the nuncio (Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo) in… Read More

Why does the Catholic church keep failing on sexual abuse? (The Atlantic)

By Emma Green- This profile of Cardinal Sean O’Malley that appeared in The Atlantic sets up the various challenges reformers in the Church face on the issue of sexual abuse… Read More

Mr. McCarrick’s Mess

Stephen White of Catholic University looks at the impending laicization of Ted McCarrick. “In one sense, laicization would bring McCarrick’s part in the saga of the clerical sex-abuse crisis in… Read More

What the Army can teach the Catholic Church about responding to sexual abuse (America)

By James M. Dubik- Drawing from his thirty-seven-year career in the U.S. Army, Dubik explains why leadership saying, “Just trust us” will not work as a response to this crisis.… Read More

Healing The Breach of Trust: Questions from the audience

The Catholic University’s Healing the Breach of Trust March event ends with a question-and-answer session with the day’s panelists: Sr. Nancy Bauer, O.S.B. – Catholic University, Bronwen McShea – Princeton… Read More