Piecemeal but Concrete Beginnings of Reform

Stephen White of Catholic University writes about the Holy Father’s acceptance of the resignation of auxiliary Bishop Salazar after alleged “misconduct with a minor.” “The Salazar case is a textbook… Read More

Jesuits sent abusive priests to retire on Gonzaga’s campus (Associated Press)

By Emily Schwing, Aaron Sankin, and Michael Corey- This investigative report about Jesuit abuse uncovered that the leadership of the Jesuits in the Oregon province had a longstanding pattern of… Read More

Advent and Reform

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the crisis of 2018 in light of the Advent season. “Christian realism isn’t naivete; it’s the farthest thing from it. And (in another… Read More

Facing the flock (The Washington Post)

By Terrence McCoy- This is a “deep dive” with Fr. Brian Christensen, a pastor in Rapid City, SD whose assistant priest was imprisoned for sexual abuse of a minor. It follows… Read More

Reckoning with the Baltimore Fiasco

Stephen White of Catholic University recounts the surprise announcement from Cardinal DiNardo at the November 2018 General Assembly: that the Holy See requested the USCCB not to move forward on… Read More

Healing the Breach of Trust: Role of the Media

At Catholic University, the Healing the Breach of Trust series begins with a panel discussion on the role of the media in investigating, reporting, and framing our understanding of the… Read More

Vatican cancels USCCB vote on sex abuse reform measures (CNA)

By Ed Condon- This article covers the surprise opening of the USCCB’s Fall Plenary, when Cardinal DiNardo announced that the Holy See asked the U.S. Bishops not vote on their… Read More

Miters and Millstones

Stephen White of Catholic University writes on the vocation of the priesthood, in view of the crisis and the November 2018 General Assembly. “Let’s hope and pray that the bishops… Read More

Whistleblower says bishop knew (60 Minutes)

By Bill Whitaker- Siobhan O’Connor started leaking information to the press in August 2018 about priests accused of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo. She was an executive assistant… Read More

Much to Lose, Much to Gain

Stephen White of Catholic University looks at the engagement of secular forces to investigate the Church (e.g. Department of Jusice, grand juries). “Of course, the greatest loss for the Church… Read More

Double Lives: The Peril of Clerical Hypocrisy (Commonweal)

By Kenneth L. Woodward- In this piece, Woodward argues that McCarrick’s unmasking is more significant than the PA Grand Jury report in part because it brings the issue of homosexually… Read More

For Their Sake and for Ours…

Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the Youth Synod, in view of the sexual abuse crisis. “I’ve said before: If reform does not come from and through the pope… Read More