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Pope Francis, Vatican II and 'Restorationism'
June 16, 2022: National Catholic Register

Beyond Pelosi: The Wider Implications of the Speaker’s Communion Ban
May 27, 2022: National Catholic Register

'Misdiagnosis' - or Worse? German Synodal Path's Solutions to Abuse Crisis Questioned
April 29, 2022: National Catholic Register

What Catholic universities are doing to address the sex abuse crisis
March 15, 2019: Catholic News Agency

First Graduate of Child Safety Certificate Program Serves Diocese
September 26, 2022: Catholic University Communications

Behold the Sin
November 24, 2023: Respect Life Radio ft. Stephen White

Priesthood Study Coverage

Most U.S. Catholic Priests Fear False Abuse Allegations, Study Finds
October 19, 2022: Francis X. Rocca, Wall Street Journal

Study of priests shows bishops distrust, fear of false abuse accusations
October 19, 2022: Rhina Guidos, Catholic News Service

Catholic priests worry about bishops' support in event of false abuse accusations: study
October 19, 2022:Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times

Study reveals priests’ trust in bishops has eroded
October 19, 2022: OSV staff

Major survey of Catholic priests finds trust issues, burnout, fear of false allegations
October 19, 2022: Jonah McKeown, Catholic News Agency

Survey shows many priests don’t trust bishops to support them
October 19, 2022: John Lavenburg, Crux

New study of priests shows distrust of bishops, fears of false sex abuse allegations and widespread burnout
October 19, 2022: Michael J. O’Loughlin, America Media

US priests are 'flourishing' - but they don't trust their bishops
October 19, 2022: The Pillar

New study of priesthood should be received as a “wake-up” call
October 20, 2022: Peter M.J. Stravinskas, Catholic World Report

Priests and their bishops: In wake of clergy abuse scandal, tensions remain
October 25, 2022: Kathy Schiffer, Catholic World Report

Survey Finds 77% of Us Priests are Flourishing in their Vocation
October 25, 2022: J-P Mauro, Aleteia

Repairing the Relationship Between Priests and Bishops
October 26, 2022: Father Roger Landry, National Catholic Register

'Everyone's vulnerable to an accusation': Bishops respond to priests' fear of false abuse claims
November 25, 2022: Peter Pinedo, Catholic News Agency

The National Survey of Priests Suggests a Deep Crisis in Catholic Theology
December 28, 2022: Msgr. Thomas G. Guarino, Catholic World Report

Are Younger Priests Growing More Conservative?
January 16, 2023: Fr. Patrick Briscoe, OP, Our Sunday Visitor

Major Survey Finds Conservative and Orthodox Priests on the Rise
November 7, 2023: Jonah McKeown, Catholic News Agency

Study: Liberal US Priests Facing Progressive Extinction
November 7, 2023: Luke Coppen, The Pillar

Younger U.S. priests increasingly identify as theologically conservative, politically moderate, 'first responders' to abuse
November 9, 2023: Gina Christian, OSV News

Catholic Diocese Bankruptcy coverage
Synod on Synodality Commentary

Unpacking the Synod of Synodality's Instrumentum Laboris
June 23, 2023: The National Catholic Register, Stephen White featured

After the Synod in Rome: What's Next for Catholics
November 10, 2023: Stephen White in National Review

The Catholic Project Event Coverage
Crisis Podcast News Coverage

The 50 Best Podcasts of 2020
December 26, 2020: The Atlantic

Podcast features survivor of priest sex abuse who is working with Columbus diocese
October 5, 2020: The Columbus Dispatch

Fresh Podcasts
September 24, 2020: Shows on Spotify

Church's ongoing clergy abuse scandals recounted in new podcast
September 19, 2020: National Catholic Reporter

Your Guide to Catholic Podcasts
September 18, 2020: Our Sunday Visitor

New podcast sends clear message: Abuse crisis isn’t over yet
September 18, 2020: Crux

New podcast series examines history of U.S. clergy sex abuse
September 11, 2020: Catholic News Service

Quick Hits
September 10, 2020: Inside Podcasting

Podcast News
September 10, 2020: Podnews

New podcast illuminates crisis in the Catholic Church
September 9, 2020: Baptist News Global

New: Crisis
September 1, 2020: Podcast Business Journal

McCarrick News & Commentary
Podcast Appearances

October 2, 2020: Ep. 151: The crisis that the church still needs to stay on top of, ft. Karna Lozoya‬

CNA Editor's Desk
October 2, 2020: Ft. Karna Lozoya

Letters to Women Podcast
September 28, 2020: A Letter to the Woman Processing Catholic Sex Abuse Scandals

The Angry Catholic
September 12, 2020: Episode 84 ft. Karna Lozoya

The Catholic Feminist podcast
September 9, 2020: Covering the Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis ft. Karna Lozoya

The Feminine Genius Podcast
Speaking Up in the Midst of a Crisis, ft. Karna Lozoy‪a‬

Voice of America
April 26, 2019: ft. Stephen White and Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

The Lamp podcast
November 16, 2023: Houses in Motion ft. Stephen White