John Paul II committed sins too. Just like all the other saints.

Over at America Magazine, Executive Director Stephen White of Catholic University reflects on the Pelagianism of those who call into question the sanctity of John Paul II because he made mistakes in his handling of the case of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

“The blemishes of the saints, including John Paul II, ought not be hidden, nor should they scandalize us. Rather, they should be a reminder to us of both humility—in the face of our own many failings—and of hope. The consequences of sin, ours or others, cannot be undone by human effort. If our salvation depended on our own perfection, we would be lost. It is only because of God’s mercy—unmerited and unfailing—that we have any hope of attaining the beatitude John Paul II now enjoys. And that alone is reason for us to ‘be not afraid.'”

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