Synod Listening Session #1

Healing and Reconciliation

The Agreements

Agreements foster an environment where free and profound exchange is possible. Respect for a diversity of views, sharing in the responsibility for the well-being of all members, and guiding the directions of the group are assisted when everyone holds to the agreements. The agreements for our Synod Sessions are:

  • We respect and honor each other’s stories, perspectives and experiences. 
  • We listen with attention and speak with intention - we open our hearts to listen with compassion and curiosity, seeking to understand. Only the one holding the talking piece may speak, while others listen.
  • We hold each other’s stories as sacred and confidential.
  • We speak only for ourselves - we bring our personal experiences to the circle, no one else’s. 
  • We are invited to speak freely, with confidence and “parrhesia,” knowing that we will not be interrupted or silenced.
  • We bring our entire selves to the process- our thoughts, opinions and experiences are all important.
  • We welcome silence; we can hold silence together and allow space for new things to emerge.
  • We do not debate or respond directly to others in the circle. If/when we are impacted or challenged by something someone says, we may acknowledge it by saying phrases like: “What you said made me think,” “Thank you for sharing,” “I never thought of it that way,” etc. 
  • We listen to the facilitator and the scribe who tend to the group’s needs, and agree to pause when needed.

Opening Questions

1. What is an instance in which you experienced genuine healing and reconciliation here at Catholic University?

2. How have you contributed to healing and reconciliation between others or between yourself and someone else?

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