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Why does the Catholic church keep failing on sexual abuse? (The Atlantic)

By Emma Green- This profile of Cardinal Sean O’Malley that appeared in The Atlantic sets up the various challenges reformers in the Church face on the issue of sexual abuse… Read More

What the Army can teach the Catholic Church about responding to sexual abuse (America)

By James M. Dubik- Drawing from his thirty-seven-year career in the U.S. Army, Dubik explains why leadership saying, “Just trust us” will not work as a response to this crisis.… Read More

Healing The Breach of Trust: Canon Law, History, Theology

The second session of Catholic University’s Healing the Breach of Trust series continues with presentations on the theological and historical foundations of the laity’s role in responding to the crisis:… Read More

Healing The Breach of Trust: Age of the Laity

Catholic University’s Healing the Breach of Trust series continues with addresses by Christopher Ruddy, Catholic University, on The Engagement of the Laity and Vatican II, and by Bronwen McShea, Princeton… Read More

Healing The Breach of Trust at Catholic University: Cardinal DiNardo and President Garvey

Catholic University’s Healing the Breach of Trust series continues with addresses by President John Garvey and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston and president of U.S. bishops’ conference, on the… Read More

What the Bishop Zanchetta case tells us about Church leadership (Catholic World Report)

Christopher R. Altieri- This is a summary of the Zanchetta case right after the former vicar general, Father Juan José Manzano, came forward to say that the Vatican received information… Read More

The PA grand-jury report: not what it seems (Commonweal)

By Peter Steinfels- The former editor of Commonweal and professor emeritus of Fordham University seriously contests one of the two charges of the Pennsylvania grand jury report that revealed the… Read More

Opus Dei paid $977,000 to settle sexual misconduct claim (The Washington Post)

By Michelle Boorstein- This article broke the story of the sexual misconduct of Rev. C. John McCloskey, who was a prominent Opus Dei priest who spent many years as the… Read More

Pope Warns U.S. Bishops Against Disunity Over Sex Abuse (Wall Street Journal)

By Francis X. Rocca- Pope Francis sent a letter to the U.S. Bishops as they began their retreat at Mundelein; it focused on the evils of disunity. Rocca writes that… Read More

Vatican letter undermines US cardinal on abuse (Associated Press)

Nicole Winfield- The AP obtained a copy of Cardinal Marc Ouellet’s November 11, 2018 letter to the leadership of the USCCB which gives the reason for halting the proposed vote:… Read More

NY archdiocese issued suitability letter for priest under abuse investigation (CNA)

By Ed Condon- As an example of either carelessness or a lack of concern, the Archdiocese of New York sent a letter of suitability (stating that the priest is of… Read More

Jesuits sent abusive priests to retire on Gonzaga’s campus (Associated Press)

By Emily Schwing, Aaron Sankin, and Michael Corey- This investigative report about Jesuit abuse uncovered that the leadership of the Jesuits in the Oregon province had a longstanding pattern of… Read More